TikTok launches new comment feature designed to prevent bullying

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a short video sharing application that allows users to create and share a 15-second video of any topic. TikTok maintains another application called Duyin for the Chinese market, with over 300 million monthly active users. The new app logo is a combination of the Musically and Duyin logos. And now TikTok launches a new comment feature designed to prevent bullying

TikTok launches new comment feature designed to prevent bullying

what is bullying?

A person’s behavior can hurt or scare a weak person, often causing him or her to do something he or she does not want to do. Bullying is a problem in many schools.

TikTok launches new comment feature designed to prevent bullying
Cyber Bullying challenges

Last week, TikTok discharged a brand new alphabetic character & A format for creators in response to viewer queries. The Authors are will currently management that comments may be denoted to the content before posting. Another new addition for users posting comments pops up a box that prompts users to rethink posting comments, which will be inappropriate or unfriendly.

TikTok same the goal of the new feature is to take care of a positive and positive setting. So folks will target their creativeness and realize their communities.

UN agency is Creators are preferred to use the new Filter. All Comments feature doesn’t have to be compelled to passively take away offensive comments. However, will opt for that comments to show in their videos. Once enabled, you’ll browse and approve every comment one by one victimization the new comment management tool.

New comment feature

TikTok launches new comment feature designed to prevent bullying
Update Notification in TikTok app

This feature builds on TikTok’s existing comment controls. this permits authors to filter spam and alternative offensive comments, in addition to alternative social apps (such as Instagram), or by keywords.

However, “filtering all comments” implies that the comments won’t go while not the author’s approval. He provides creators complete management over their presence on the platform and prevents bullying and abuse.

But, it can even permit creators to publicize false data while not promoting or build it seem additional well-liked than it very is. this may be annoying. Specifically, the selections that brands build once deciding those creators to figure with to market their product will provide a misunderstanding of user favor.

what is the feature that designed prevent to bullying?

TikTok launches new comment feature designed to prevent bullying

Instead, another feature encourages users to return dangerous review posts. That is a review that appears like bullying or improper use. It additionally reminds users of the TikTok Community tips so that they will edit their comments before sharing them.

This type of “nudge” feature helps folks impede and provides them time to prevent and trust what they’re spoken language, instead of reacting therefore quickly. TikTok has begun victimization Nudge to raise users if they require to share unofficial statements. That can’t be verified by truth checkers to slow the unfold of false data.

It took years for alternative social networks to feature prompts. Users had to prevent and suppose before posting. They have Instagram was discharged in 2010. However, set to undertake a feature that encourages users to rethink before posting offensive comments. It has been virtually ten years. At an equivalent time, Twitter same last month that it’s running another check that needs users to rethink harmful reactions. I have been running a variant of an equivalent check for nearly a year.

TikTok launches new comment feature designed to prevent bullying
TikTok launches new comment feature designed to prevent bullying

Strong social networks

While social networks show a strong ability to influence user behavior, they’re still reluctant to make additional such prompts on the platform for instance. If Twitter begins to encourage users to scan articles coupled to a tweet before reposting them.

The frequency of user gaps in these articles can increase by four-hundredth. However additionally usually, the network chooses to downgrade or hide negative comments like Instagram’s “Hidden Comments” and Twitter’s “Hide Reply”.

TikTok same’s in talks with trade partners to develop new policies and options, and nowadays declared a partnership with the Cyberbullying center (CRC), which focuses on cyberbullying and on-line abuse and abuse analysis. Did the corporate same it might work with the CRC to develop alternative plans to market a positive setting.

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