Samsung Galaxy A82 Leak just revealed a rival for Google Pixel 5

 Samsung Galaxy A82 Leak just revealed a rival for Google Pixel 5
 Samsung Galaxy A82 Leak just revealed a rival for Google Pixel 5

Samsung Galaxy A82 seems to throw away the rotating camera in 2021

Samsung has officially announced two members of the Galaxy A series midrange phones, the A52, and A72. However, according to a leak from Google last month. The Samsung Galaxy A82 is under development and has not yet been officially announced. So what does it bring when Samsung’s top midrange products finally come out?

Tipster Kursharma has several answers. The phone was reportedly found in the Google Play Console development tools. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon855Plus processor, 6 GB of RAM, and runs Android 11.

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I am very interested in the chipset that Sharma emphasized. The Snapdragon 855 Plus processor is Qualcomm’s top SoC in 2019 but is now being replaced by the Snapdragon 860. The Snapdragon 860 is a fine-tuned version that supports more RAM and enhanced camera features. Given that Qualcomm considers these chips to be interchangeable on its website, Samsung could make a small upgrade to the 860, which recently debuted on the Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro.

 Samsung Galaxy A82 Leak just revealed a rival for Google Pixel 5

Regardless of which Samsung Galaxy A82 chipset is ultimately used. the performance of midrange phones must be reliable. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC is the driving force behind the first-generation Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with a Geekbench 5 multi-core score of 2,689. In contrast, the mid-range Google Pixel 5 with the Snapdragon 765G processor managed only 1,617 in the same test.

In other words, it depends heavily on the price. If Samsung sells the Galaxy A82 for the Pixel 5 price (less than $ 699), Google may have a problem. The Galaxy A80, the predecessor of the A82, costs $ 725. But Samsung could lower the price this time, according to Sharma’s findings.

The Samsung Galaxy A80

This combines an innovative rotating camera design. The back of the phone may pop up and you can rotate the rear camera to take pictures on-demand. So you need to install a thick bezel, notch, or pinhole camera on the screen to accommodate other cameras there is not.

You will notice that there is a pinhole camera in the photo attached to the pharmacist. Abandoning the rotating camera mechanism. It can be a very effective cost-cutting measure unless this is just a placeholder image. This is very likely, given that Samsung recently patented an improved version of the rotating camera.

I hope you will find the answer as soon as possible. This finding, coupled with Google’s leak containing a phone, indicates that the Samsung Galaxy A82 is coming soon.