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How To Do Well On Your Virtual Meeting


Since almost everything happens virtually these days, you might have to learn how to adjust. However, even if things are heading in the right direction regarding the control of the pandemic, some practices might stay. One of them is the work-from-home setup. Many people find it appropriate, and some companies allow employees to extend this setup. In addition, virtual meetings are more common. If you want to do well in your upcoming meeting, here are some tips to consider. 

Prepare as if you’re going to a physical office

You might not be leaving home, but it doesn’t mean you should wear regular clothes. Remember that once you turn your video on, you will be in a work environment. Everyone will see you. It’s also polite to show your face even if it’s not your turn to speak. People will appreciate your effort to pay attention during the meeting. Wear your best clothes and do everything you usually would on a workday. Since you have more time to prepare, you might want to enjoy a steam shower

Research what you’re going to say

If tasked to present information, make sure you researched well. You don’t want people to think that you put everything together at the last minute. You will also receive questions, and you must prove that you know what you’re doing. Include statistics to back your claim and strengthen your proposal. But, again, just because you’re at home doesn’t mean your colleagues will go easy on you. 

Collaborate with fellow employees

You stay home and do the tasks assigned to you. The loud noise in the office is one of the reasons why you prefer working from home. However, you might also miss collaborating with others. Putting your heads together to make a project work might be challenging due to the current setup. The good thing is you can communicate with your colleagues easily. Several tools are available at your disposal. There’s no excuse for not making things happen with the help of others. 

Check your equipment

Make sure you have the right equipment to handle the challenge. You don’t want to get cut off in the middle of the meeting because you have terrible Internet. Check your computer and make sure it has a sufficient battery. If you need to speak through headphones, it should be functioning well. Avoid these problems since they will harm your presentation. 

Feel confident 

Once you have already prepared for the presentation, everything will fall into place. Feel confident and don’t look nervous. Even on camera, everyone will see how confident you are. Practice what to say and relax during the presentation. If you receive questions that are hard to answer, don’t panic. Pause and think of the correct response. You can also be honest about not giving the correct answer on the spot. Make sure you get back to the person who threw the question and provides a detailed response. 

With these tips, your virtual presentation will be outstanding, and you will feel more comfortable with future virtual meetings.