Now, You Can Realize Your Ideal Granny Flat

When you have a garage or outdoor shed in your property that is no longer being used, one option that you can consider for putting this space to good use is to convert it into a granny flat. This second dwelling can be fixed up to be attached to the house or separated. Many property owners choose to build it as a separate structure so that it would not disrupt the original house, which could involve high renovation fees.

The name granny flat is said to have come from the fact that these structures would be used by families to provide a separate living space for their ageing or disabled parents, so that they could maintain some degree of independence while still remaining within the family property where they can have company, assistance or any help that they would need.

Now, You Can Realize Your Ideal Granny Flat
Now, You Can Realize Your Ideal Granny Flat

But more and more people are becoming creative with their use of the granny flat

Others would use the space as a home office or a place to pursue hobbies, like making crafts or building things in a workshop. The granny flats builder can help you to fix up the place to so that they can rent it out to individuals or couples looking for an affordable place to live.

Some granny flats come with one or two bedrooms, one bathroom, and an open-plan kitchen and living area. Others can have up to three bedrooms and two bathrooms instead of one, plus high ceilings so that the unit can benefit from more space and light. A porch in front can also be incorporated so that its dwellers can have a place to enjoy the sun and the breeze.

Hooks and vertical wall-mounts are the paragon of smart storage. These crafty tools can easily be incorporated into any granny flat design, since most walls are usually left unoccupied anyway. They can be installed almost anywhere but are most common at the entrance, in the kitchen, and even the shower.

But there’s no reason you can’t have them in your bedroom or anywhere else. They give you the same benefits as a traditional bookshelf or bench-top without taking up valuable floor space.

Don’t limit yourself with what you store on them though

Hooks and wall mounted shelves can be used to hang almost anything from cups, pots and pans, towels, condiments, toiletries, and even clothing. These are saving redeemers if you’re constantly losing your car keys or need quick, easy access to certain things.

The last thing you want is an entrapping view of cluttered outdoor surroundings, as this just makes you feel even more restricted.

You need to consider the size, transparency, and tactical placement of your windows, as well as the exact location of your granny flat relative to the natural flow of sunlight. This is where professional granny flat designers can make a huge difference. 

Designing and building a granny flat on your property can be challenging. Municipal restrictions, building codes, zoning laws and more may pose obstacles in the building process. However, if you select the right home remodeling contractor, these issues will be taken care of promptly.

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